Our Mission

To support children and families in need and help their dreams come true. Studies prove that helping a dream become reality impacts on the emotional strength of all involved. 

Our Purpose

The purpose of our foundation is to provide monetary and material charitable contributions to families and children in need of baby supplies and other children’s items, as well as creating campaigns to raise funds for same .

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Now you can help by buying a Teddy Bear at MacroBaby! $5 of each bear sold will be donated to MacroBaby Foundation.

Would you like to help babies, children and families?


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Focus Brazil Award

In 2019 the MacroBaby Foundation won the HIGHLIGHT award for non-governmental organization in Florida by FOCUS BRASIL. FOCUS BRASIL promotes the positive image of Brazil and Brazilians through Art, Culture, Education, Entrepreneurship and Social Responsibility in the United States. On the occasion, we were very well represented by Renata Miranda, PR of Macrobaby and a volunteer at the MacroBaby Foundation.

Trusted by the most famous celebrities and biggest companies in the world.

With the support and donations from companies and people from all over the world we can do more. Our team of volunteers and donors never stop to grow. Become one today.